VPS Newsletter July 2018



“I have touched with a sense of art some people—they felt the love and the life. Can you offer me anything to compare to that joy for an artist?”

Mary Cassatt

We’ve had our two workshops and they were sensational. Our Members’ Exhibition is up for viewing, and our Juried Show is coming this fall.


June 22-July 28, 2018: VPS Members’ Exhibition at The Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT.

September 29-November 17, 2018: VPS Juried Show at Laumeister Art Center, Bennington, VT


We are currently celebrating, unofficially and without fanfare, the 1-year anniversary of the VPS Regional Hubs Initiative. In the past year, we can remark on several things that have occurred as a consequence of starting the hubs.

First, regional artists are getting together more than ever with their pastel painting comrades, and sharing in a wide range of activities.

Second, most of the hubs are having local shows of their hub’s artists’ works, or are talking about venues to show at. This means that instead of us having only two state-wide VPS shows a year, we now are more frequently promoting VPS artists regionally and having more opportunities to exhibit our work.

Third, as this year’s Members’ Exhibition demonstrated, the hub, in the region where the show is taking place, works with Susannah and the venue to receive the paintings, to organize the reception, to photograph the event, and to help with taking down the exhibition. VPS MidState did a fantastic job with all parts of this task, and has set the bar high for the next hub—VPS SouthWest—in the fall with the Juried Show. Thank you, VPS: MidState for showing us the way and thank you VPS: SouthWest for taking the baton from them.

Fourth, our membership is growing to over 100 members, and some of that growth is a result of the attraction of the regional hubs.

In other Hub news, VPS SouthWest has added Shelli Duboff as a point person, joining Linda Masten. VPS UpperValley has another duo as point people—Kathy Detzer and Paula Dorr, taking over for Michael Shafer. Thank you Shelli, Kathy, and Paula for stepping up to fill this very important role for your hub.

And thank you, Monica Hastings, Rodrica Tilley, Judy Albright, Linda Masten, Belle McDougal, and Kim Provost for being willing to stay on as point people for your hubs for another year. This continuity makes the hubs stronger and keeps our hub members more engaged.


June 22-July 28, 2018: VPS Members’ Exhibition at The Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT.

Amid the arpeggios and trills of the violin and piano, with floral arrangements on the many table tops, and hors d’oeuvres befitting a presidential banquet, the 2018 Vermont Pastel Society’s Members’ Exhibition reception took place at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, Vermont on Saturday, June 23 from 2 to 6 p.m. 
Hosted by executive director, Jim Boughton and his capable staff, the Members Exhibition was attended by scores of viewers–artists and art-lovers. An awards ceremony took place at 3 p.m., with the four attending board members reading off the winners in ten creatively-crafted categories, interpreted by respected Rutland area artist William Ramage, who stepped in as our judge when the original judge had an unexpected conflict.
Special thanks to Susanna Colby and Louise Kenney who worked out all the many details of this fantastic show and reception, and to VPS MidState who coordinated the painting drop offs, the refreshments and reception, and were there to welcome the viewers, and to all the VPS artists who submitted paintings to this memorable 2018 Members’ Exhibition.

September 29-November 17, 2018: VPS Juried Show at the Laumeister Art Center in Bennington, VT.

Susannah is finalizing the details of the show with the venue and will be sending out the official announcement very soon. Stay tuned!


Here is what Linda wrote about Alain Picard’s workshop, April 23-27, in Bennington, VT: Providing a looser, painterly approach to landscapes and portraits, Alain limited his demos to instructions and encouraged artists to try new approaches. A lot of time was given to the 13 participants for painting; individualized attention was at a premium. High marks in all areas for Alain. Thank you to Linda Masten and Shelli DuBoff for arranging this rewarding workshop!

Here is what Diane Sziachetka said about the Karen Margulis’ Workshop, June 21-24, in Hyde Park, VT: Making color vibrate in the landscape was the focus of the workshop, and vibrate they did as KM shared her expertise with our group of 16 pastel artists. Using observations from nature en plein air she demonstrated how to bring color into the studio and onto the paper. The participants had ample opportunity to paint and receive personalized guidance. The program ended with everyone sharing some of their work and personal goals achieved. Thank you to Diane Sziachetka and Patti Braun for making this sensational workshop happen!


Please see the minutes posted on the website. Some points to mention:   

We want each hub to have 2 or more artists willing and able to post to FaceBook and Instagram for your hub, so contact your point person and volunteer to do this!

All non-VPS matters (such as other workshop offerings, shows, sales, etc.) will be posted on the VPS FaceBook page, so check there if you are interested in statewide or regional matters not sponsored by the VPS.

Cindy would like to give her webmaster job to another VPS member.  Maintaining the site is not difficult, and she will teach anyone and be available to help anyone who is willing to take on the role. Please email me at goldpeak@vermontel.net if you want to help in this way.


We are who we are from the inspiration, creativity and energy that you all give to our organization. Keep it coming, as you keep on art-making!

Matt Peake

VPS President



VPS Newsletter April 2018


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton


We have two tantalizing workshops scheduled this year, one just a couple weeks away.

We now have a Members’ Exhibition and Juried Show set for 2018.

Continue reading below for more information.


April 23-27, 2018: Alain Picard Workshop at Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT

June 9-July 7, 2018: VPS Members’ Exhibition at The Chaffee Art Center, Rutland, VT.

June 21-24, 2018: Karen Margulis Workshop in Hyde Park, VT

September 9-November 17, 2018: VPS Juried Show at Laumeister Art Center, Bennington, VT


Some hubs, like VPS SouthEast and VPS MidState are welcoming new members, meeting regularly, providing a critique opportunity to all artists who bring paintings to hub gatherings, and offering painting challenges, like paint-alongs with a black and white photo reference.

Other hubs, like VPS UpperValley and VPS SouthEast are finding venues for exhibiting their hub’s artist’s works.

VPS Social Media Teams—one or two members of each hub becoming Social Media Artists (SMAs)—are offering to photograph hub events, activities, shows and to post those images on FaceBook and Instagram. So far, VPS SouthEast, SouthWest, and Midstate, have SMAs. VPS Upper Valley artists are hoping to meet in the near future to discuss this. VPS Central has some savvy artists who understand FB and Instagram and have offered to be of help to their hub. Thanks again to those artists for helping to make the VPS Social Media Team a reality—it provides another way for individual VPS artists to help our organization succeed.


Thanks to Michael Shafer (VPS UV) and Louise Kinney (VPS MS), for their suggestions and helpfulness, Susannah Colby (VPS UV) has secured us a venue for our Members’ Exhibition (ME) for 2018 in The Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, VT from 6/9-7/9/18. Details will be forthcoming, but like the last two MEs, we will be offering prizes in 9 categories, which are fun and open to each judge’s interpretation—like Most Lively Still Life, Going Gaga with Color, The Yin and Yang of Light and Dark, etc—so watch for Susannah’s upcoming emails and put a painting or two in this show!

And once more, thanks to Susannah’s indefatigable spirit, we have a place for our Juried Show at Laumeister Art Center in Bennington, VT from 9/9 to 11/17/18. Specifics for this show will be arriving in early summer, so stay alert and paint a thing or two to enter.

Two more things:

  • The Regional Hub’s Role: This year, we will be asking the Hub of the region that the show is taking place in, to help with the hanging, if needed, organizing the reception, and attending and photographing the exhibition reception and award winners. For the ME this year, VPS MidState will be the responsible host, and, for the JS, it will be VPS SouthWest. Thank you both in advance!
  • Exhibitions Team: Because the responsibilities for putting on a show are numerous and sometimes quite involved, one person cannot do it all. Thankfully, we have generous VPS artists willing to give some of their time to join Susannah in this endeavor. So I want to thank those members who are helping this year: Louise Kinney will be joining Susannah in the organizational and communicational aspects; and, as they did the last two years, Pat McPike (VPS SE) and Deedee Jones (VPS SE) will be securing the prizes for the ME). Thanks to all three of you!!!



Alain Picard’s workshop, April 23-27, in Bennington, VT, organized by Linda Masten (VPS SW), will be a combination of portrait-making for 2 days and landscape-painting for 3 days. Artists can take one or both parts. Only a couple weeks left to register, so do not delay!

Karen Margulis’ Workshop, June 21-24, in Hyde Park, VT is being organized by Diane Szlachetka and Patti Braun (both from VPS CEN). Although this is a couple months away, please sign up soon if you want to assure yourself a place!


Several items to report.

1) Our long-time Treasurer, Norma Jean Rollet, (VPS MS) will be moving to TN in April, and so will be leaving our board and will no longer be serving as our Treasurer. We wish her luck in her new location and thank her for the years of service she gave to the VPS.

2) Taking over as Treasurer will be current board member, Linda Masten. We are so lucky to have an artist member who is so qualified to act as Treasurer and is so willing to give of her time—thank you, Linda!

3) In a vote at the end of March, VPS members elected Jerry Ralya  (VPS CEN) to the VPS board to complete the 2-year term that Norma is leaving (11/17-11/19). Thank you, VPS members, for voting so promptly, and thank you Jerry for being so agreeable to being on our board.

4) A couple weeks ago, our VPS Website was hacked. We do not know if any information was used by hackers, but as always we should not open anything spam-looking, but that should be true always anyway. Cindy Griffith, (VPS CEN) and a tech guy fixed the problem, and we bought more protection, but in the process, Cindy realized that she is not as qualified to do the high tech things that a webmaster should be able to do, so we are asking if there is a VPS member who can technically manage our website to either join her or take her place as webmaster. Please email me at goldpeak@vermontel.net if you want to help in this way.


We are who we are from the inspiration, creativity and energy that you all give to our organization. Let spring bring you all rejuvenation, renewal, and revitalization!


Matt Peake

VPS President