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What can you submit to our Noteworthy News?

Guidelines:  Noteworthy news about VPS members can be submitted for things such as exhibits, awards, special commendations, etc.  This page is not for promoting artist business or merchandise.  Submit noteworthy news to the webmaster (cindy.griffith.vt@gmail.com), in the following format:

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-Juror comments, if any:
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-News will be posted monthly.


Marcia Hill has two shows up: One is at the Waterbury Public Library, now until early January. The library is open M/T/W 10 – 8, Th/F 10-5 and Sat. 9 – 12. The other is in Worcester’s own Post Office Cafe, now until they ask me to take it down! They are open Tuesday – Friday 7 – 11 and Saturday 7 – 12.


First Prize in 2017 VPS Juried Exhibit: and comments from the judge, Doug Dawson.

Anna Leeds“Here is the Steeple”

Anna Leeds with “Here is the Steeple”

This is a very compelling painting. It intrigued me because the technique in the sky is noticeably different from the technique used in the building. Besides that, the technique in the sky is about half the painting. Generally, it is best to avoid paintings that are half one thing and half another. However, in this case it works really well.

-Juror Doug Dawson










First Prize in 2016 VPS Juried Exhibit:

Diane Burns, “The Golden Hour”

As soon as I saw this painting I was awestruck with its dynamic composition and incredible use of color temperature. The vibrancy of light turning from the “magic light” of the sun to the subtle harmonies of beautiful shadows made me feel as if I were standing in the scene. The boldness and directional strokes pulled me to the destination that the artist intended. This painting was as incredible as “The Golden Hour” always is and is deserving of this show’s highest award. Kudos to the artist!