New VPS Website – Welcome

cropped-Vermont-Pastel-Society-Banner-2.jpgWelcome to the new VPS Website.  It is an evolving site, so please have patience as it settles into what you, our members, would like to see.  We hope to provide a site where our membership can find most of what they need to maneuver around in Vermont’s VPS world and a location for art information and opportunities.

This new site has a BLOG feature included so as of now, our old VPS BLOG site is obsolete and our old VPS website has been taken off line.  You may need to clear out your browser to start seeing the new site.

The Home page will have a scrolling Art Show which consists of one art image from each artist who submits images for the Member Gallery.  The Home page Art Show will show the artist’s name and art title when you hover over the top with your mouse.  In the Member Gallery, under the Members menu, one art image appears for each member who submits to the Member Gallery.  Again, if you hover over the image with your mouse, a small menu bar (in blue letters) appears with the artist’s name.   If you then click on the artist’s name menu, you will be taken to an individual art page for the artist which contains art information provided by the artist and images the artist has submitted for inclusion in the VPS Member Gallery.

Note: These functions may perform differently depending on the mobile devices you use.  This new website should display in the mobile app format, but touch-screen functions may act differently across devices.   With a touch screen, you don’t “hover”, but you may just need to touch the area verses “hover.”

Eventually, we will adding functions allowing you to pay your annual membership right on line using PayPal (you will have to have a PayPal Account for this function).  Also, you will be able to enter your own application information and submit it directly rather than having to print the form from the website and sending it in.

For now, to print any portion of a page, simply click on the little print icon in the lower right-hand corner of each page.  Pick what you want printed, then print.  You may now print off information you find on any page on the site.

As a VPS member, you may have two image and your own page on the VPS website.  If you would like your images and bio/statement included on the VPS site, feel free to send along the items need by following the guidelines found under the About menu, and Policies and Procedures.

If you have thoughts or suggestions, please pass them along to the webmaster (

Once again, welcome to the new site and take a tour around.


Cindy Griffith,