Alla Potashnikova

My name is Alla. Since childhood, I enjoyed sketching and doodling in the margins of my notebooks, always surprised and sometimes delighted by this act of creation. I continued this habit through high school and college as well as my adult years.

About two years ago, I stumbled upon pastels, when my good friend, Jerry, bequeathed to me a beautiful wooden boxed set of pastels. Opening that lid for the first time proved to a be a magic moment in my artistic journey, and ever since I have been working exclusively with this, to me, perfect medium.

I like painting landscapes and portraits of both people and animals. I do it, mostly, for my enjoyment, but recently have expanded to doing work on commission.

Please, enjoy the journey through my site allapotashnikova.com

Email me any questions you may have, make suggestions, or share any thoughts that come to mind. I am looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and to sharing my love of pastel with you all.

Nathan, Alla Potashnikova

November Ice, Alla Potashnikova