Belle McDougall

Making and creating art is my “happy place”! Using soft pastels to experiment with light and color on paper is entertaining and fun too. I like to spend time painting to escape from other day to day responsibilities. Painting is a creative outlet that challenges me and it is also therapeutic for my soul. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

I use sanded papers such as La Carte, UArt and Wallis. I have a variety of different pastels that I use. My favorite pastels are made by Unison, Sennelier, Schmincke and Terry Ludwig—the colors are brilliant. I also use Rembrandt and Holbein pastels which are more “firm” and less soft. I use the firm pastels diluted with rubbing alcohol to do what is called an “underpainting”. Then I slowly build up 2-4 layers of color from dark to light to make the compositions “pop” and make an impression that is visually interesting and colorful.

Beetle Cat Light, West Falmouth MA

George Woodard’s Chevy – Waterbury Center, VT