Matthew J Peake

I began my professional career in 1982 as a family physician in rural Vermont. After 24 years, I left my practice of medicine to pursue a fulltime career in the visual arts.Ā  Initially, my paintings were realistic renderings of the figure with fruit, but my fascination with movement led me to painting the figure from aerial perspectives and to the composing and displaying of some of my works on a rotational frame (The RoFrameĀ®).

More recently, using chards of pastel and clear gesso, I abstract still lifes and landscapes, but also create wholly abstract pieces in a new way of pastel painting which I call Pastel Pieces.

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Matthew Peake, On the Sunny Side, pastel chards in clear gesso, 12 x 9

Matthew Peake, String Therapy, pastel chards in clear gesso, 12 x 9