Members Gallery Participation

Be Included in the Gallery:

What is it?

The Member Gallery provides participants with a personal Artists Page which can include an artists statement, contact information, link to your personal website and two images of your artwork.  One of the images will be included in the VPS Home page slide show and the second in the Member Gallery.  Both will link to your Artists Page.

 Art Statement Specifications:

You may include a couple of brief paragraphs about yourself and your work along with any contact info you want published: land address, web site, e-mail, and phone number are all appropriate (300 words +-). Text information should be placed in the body of your e-mail, no attachments please.  Please note:  Your text won’t be edited so please make sure it is as you want it.

Image Specifications:

  1. You may send 2 images to be posted to the VPS Gallery. One will be placed in the VPS Home page slide show the second in the full-member gallery page and both will be placed in your own VPS page with your Art Statement.
  2. Images should be in jpg format and the resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch). Also, the longest side of your image must not exceed 1200 pixels and your shortest side must be more than 800 pixels. It is important to get a good size image for the website; not too large and not too small.  See below for an example of how to resize, and or go to the Education, Resource & Links page of the new VPS website for tips on how to resize.
  3. Please give title as well as your name. You must include your last and first name within any file name(s) i.e. “smith,suzie_sunset.jpg” or “smith,suzie-sumset.jpg


You must use the phrase ‘member gallery’ as the subject line of your email and send your request to [email protected]  

 EXAMPLE of Resizing in Photoshop Elements.

Above is an example of resizing in Photoshop Elements Software.

The longest side of the image (height), height cannot exceed 1200.

The Resolution is 72.