Patti Braun

Patti is most connected to her subject when she is painting out in nature or “plein air” painting.  It is the natural splendor of the landscape in all it’s amazing color, light and form that inspires her most.  She finds that it is more than her visual sense at work when she paints outside.  It could be the sounds of the birds or the wind in the trees. It might even be the temperature or the atmosphere that day which plays into her paintings.

Patti received her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. She then moved to Vermont primarily for the love of the mountains and unique landscape.  She has attended numerous workshops with various national artists including Richard McKinley and Liz Haywood-Sullivan. 

Her work has been exhibited and won awards in numerous local shows and galleries.  

This artist can be reached via e-mail: Patti.Brau[email protected].

Patti Braun – Sunrise Illuminations

Patti Braun – Mt. Mansfield