Shelli DuBoff

“I don’t want realism, I want magic”. Those are my favorite words from my favorite stage character Blanche Dubois the quintessential southern heroine of a Streetcar Named Desire. And, like Blanche, I too want magic. It is what makes painting so exciting for me. When I start a piece I’ll have in my mind an idea of what I intend to see when the piece is completed. But often, as the painting progresses the magic of the creative process takes over and I find that I have painted something unlike what I had imagined; something that the painting wanted to say to me, to the viewer.

I am so fortunate that I have been involved in two very different artistic fields. As an actress and singer I am keyed in to the dramatic moment, the development of a character, and story telling to entertain. I try to bring that to my art so that when a person looks at one of my paintings they see more than a pretty or interesting picture. I want them to see a sudden moment in time, or a person that has a story to tell.

I have found pastels to be the perfect medium for my work. The colors available to a pastel artist are spectacular. It’s like having the largest box of crayons in the world. In my studio I am surrounded by color and I find the hardest part of being a pastel artist is choosing which color I will use at any time. The directness of pastel painting is also something I enjoy. There is no brush that comes between the paper and me. I pick up the pastel and make my mark on the paper, with my hands I can soften a line. It is a very tactile medium. I love the connection that comes from the contact; the “magic”. And, if a little of the magic that goes into the creation of a painting touches the person who is looking at the painting than I, as the artist, am very fortunate indeed.

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Little Big Man

The Blues