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Judy Greenwald Takes First Place

Central Hub member Judy Greenwald takes first place in Pastels at the Northern Vermont Artist Association 92nd June Juried Show at the Visions of Vermont Art Gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont.  Please be sure to join her hub colleagues with offering your congratulations.

The exhibit runs through July 1, 2023 at Visions of Vermont, 94 Main St., Cambridge, VT 05444

Pic coming soon…..

Landscapes in Pastel – An Exhibit by John Landy

John is thrilled to present his first solo exhibit.  The majority of painting in the series were painted during the past year and includes a combination of works created independently, part of group challenges and class studies.  

Hosted by
The Center for Arts & Learning
46 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT
June 6 – July 15, 2023
Mon – Fri 8-6   Sat – Sun 10-4

Becky Cook – Participating in Eclectricity Exhibit

Becky Cook is participating in two person show named Eclectricity. There are several pastel paintings in the show. Natalie Boze is displaying her photographs.  On display are images from the Upper Valley and around New England. The works encompass nature and man-made structures either as they are or as filtered by sparks of whimsy and imagination.
Hosted by Norwich Public Library
368 Main Street, Norwich, VT
Artist reception is on May 18 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM
The show will be up until June 29. 
Library Hours

VPS Central Hosts Same Painting Challenge – April 2023

The challenge was presented by Grace Worcester and the challenge image by Diane Szlachetka.  The participating group met via ZOOM and enjoyed the spending time discussing results and differing interpretations.



VPS 2022 Juried Show

Be sure to visit the exhibit at Vermont Artisan Designs


VPS Southwest Region Exhibit Opens May 29, 2022


VPS Central Art Exhibit Opens May 17, 2022



Judy Greenwald Shares Story of Sales Success

Judy recently shared her story of sales success in an email exchange with VPS President Matthew Peake. Together, Judy and Matt agreed it’s a story worth sharing.

Judy’s Story

Hi Matthew, I don’t imagine you know me specifically, but I am a member of the Central Hub.  I am 88 years old and have shown my work for several years at Artisans Gallery in Waitsfield. I recently had a show at Cafe Espresso in Barre.  It’s an old Vermont type coffee shop …and I emphasize old!!!!  I had previously only showed my work in galleries and high end shows which take huge chunks of sales as commissions.  I had not expected anything from this showing and only did it as a favor for a friend. I sold 11 paintings and 15 prints. My work usually sells from $795 to $995. I priced the 36 paintings at those prices minus the usual 40% commissions and the prints remained the same at $50. These were just ordinary people having coffee…not art collectors per se. I had some good publicity…all the local papers and Seven Days, but I understand people just oohed and aahed at all my colorful landscapes, fish and animal paintings.

I think there is a lesson here for all members….and I’m just sending this to you as an idea for a discussion at some meetings.  I do not want to be an example or speak to this point at any meetings as I am very laid back and do not seek any notoriety. I just think our artists should not be afraid to show at venues other than galleries, etc.  After all we are all seeking sales.  Happy New Year, Judy Greenwald

Matt’s Response

Judy, we must’ve met, but I have to confess sometimes I forget faces. But I know your work and I love your story. You are totally correct, that it isn’t only a gallery that will sell your work with their staff, but your work itself will sell in places where people can see it and I guess that’s the mission—to put it out there in front of people and the artwork will speak for itself. Just like you found. Congratulations and thank you for letting me know about this. I would really consider getting it to John Landy so he could post your experience on our VPS website in the noteworthy news section that we talk about in the newsletter. Happy new year and thanks again. Matt

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Wendy Soliday (VPS Central) Joins the Member Gallery

Snow in the Woods


Congratulations and thank you to Wendy who became the latest member to participate in the Member Gallery.   Click here to read Wendy’s story and view her wonderful artwork.