VPS SouthEast is pleased to host the 2022 Juried Show during the months of October and November. Here is the important information:

Location:  Vermont Artisan Designs, 106 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT

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Dates:  October 7 to November 18, 2022

Jurors of Selection:

Liz Haywood-Sullivan https://www.lizhaywoodsullivan.com

Michael Chesley Johnson https://www.mchesleyjohnson.com

Judge of Awards: 

Dawn Emerson https://dawnemerson.com

List of Awards:

  1.      First Place Award: $300 – Alla Hiser, Free Ukraine
  2.      Second Place Award: $200 – Katrina Thortensen, Snow Patterns
  3.      Third Place Award: $100 – Linda Masten, Ocean Beauty
  4.      Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Award: $75 – Cristine Kossow,  Oh My Darling
  5.      Mallory Lake Memorial Award: Set of Mallory Lake’s Pastels – Cath Stockridge, Deer in the Clearing


Drop Off: Saturday, September 24, 2022 1-3:00pm

Reception: Friday, November 4, 2022 5-7:00pm

Pick Up: Sunday, November 20, 2022 1-3:00pm

Fifty-seven entries were received. Below are the thirty-three selected by the jurors with Judge’s comments for the award recipients.

Judy Albright, Gingham Ribbon, 14 x 11, $600












Judy Albright, My Point of View, 9 x 9, $600





Ann Coleman, Top of the World, 12 x 36, $2,500

Ann Coleman, Twilight Reflection, 12 x 18, $1,250








Chris Reid, Winter Light, 9 x 12, $650


Maggie Smith, Where the Brook Goes, 8 x 7, $400






Cath Stockridge, Deer in Clearing 2, 12 x 18, $900









Cath Stockridge, Deer in Clearing 3, 12 x 18, $900

Mallory Lake Memorial Award

In this unusual painting, the artist uses an intriguing design element of squares and shapes of color  convey a most unusual sense of space. Blending realism with abstracted geometric color shapes is no small feat, and this artist has done so in a most wonderful way. We can enter the world the artist has created and feel the reality of the deer entering this space. I appreciate the daring and novel approach this artist has described and look forward to seeing where this journey goes.

Ann Wickham, Winter Morning, 11 x 14, $550









Ann Wickham, Beach Path, 11 x 11, $400











Kristan Varian, Late Autumn Riot, 12 x 9.25, $420








Linda Matsen, Hidden Gem, 16 x 20, $875












Linda Masten, Ocean Beauty

Third Place Award

What I love about this painting is the overall composition and use of color. The golden glow of light just below the clouds is beautifully reflected in the sand. There is a palpable ebb and flow, a passage of time as the sun sets. The rough edges of the waves contrast with the smooth, lost edges of the light on sand. One can feel the shift of temperature as the sun sets over the waves and sense the sky breathing in the rhythm of the waves. Just lovely.




Kathryn Detzer, Morning Light, 21 x 12, $900













Kathryn Detzer, Jax, 12 x 10, $600

Lesley Heathcote, Last Rays, 9×12, $350








Lesley Heathcote, November Moonrise, 9 x 18, $450

Matthew Peake, Black and White and Red All Over, 10 x 8, $1,000












Mathew Peake, Bottle of Red, 12 x 9, $1,400

Shelli DuBoff, Family Ties, 18.25 x 21.5, $1,800









Shelli DuBoff, Sweets by Candlelight, 12.25 x 17.5, $1,300









Mark Grasso, Table for Two, 14 x 11, NFS











Mark Grasso, Winter Morning Glow, 12 x 16, $1,550









Carole Corliss, Life is….., 8 x 8, $675










Carol Corliss, The Up Side, 12 x 16, $1,200

Alla Hiser, Free Ukraine, 12 x 9, $739

First Place Award: 

During the past year the world has witnessed turmoil on so many fronts, not the least of which is the war in Ukraine. To me this portrait is a reminder of the hope we all have for the world and future generations. The expression the artist captured is one of youthful confidence and  clear -eyed courage.  It beckons us with its sense of determination and innocent potential.  If art can reflect the best qualities of humanity worth fighting for–namely the pursuit of individual freedom,  then this is a wonderful example. I applaud the artist for overall design, use of color, technical skill, and insight. Bravo!

Dawn Emerson


Alla Hiser, Shelburne Meadow, 16 x 20, $875

Melody Reed, Spring on the Long Trail, 12 x 9, $350












Melody Reed, Winter in Vermont, 12 x 9, $350

Cristine Kossow, Sadie, 8 x 8, $325









Cristine Kossow, Oh My Darlin’, 8 x 10, $375

Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod

I could not help but hum to myself as I gazed at this image and mouthed the words to the song it references. An exquisitely skilled handling of the pastel medium presents a rich ,orange color to the darkened stage of black as we view the bowl of clementines as we recite the liricks to the song in our head. The bowl is not the star, but color and palpable volume are. Even outside of the image, the artist has chosen a sparkly black mat to feature the painting and create a shining performance. Wow!




Joyce Kahn, Royal Dreams, 12 x 9, $850










Katrina Thortensen, Snow Patterns

Second Place Award

A painting doesn’t have to be large to convey a sense of vastness, time, place and beauty, and that is exactly what this tiny painting shows. The exquisite mark making demonstrates an efficiency of description that is only possible with the pastel medium. I applaud the brevity of detail, the gorgeous overall design and composition, and the artists’ choice to leave a rough edge around the perimeter of the painting. This is the Haiku portrait of a crystaline Vermont winter day. Bravo!