1. President discusses with board the need to hold an e-mail meeting; board members approve the proposal to be presented to the membership, and the motion to be voted on is made and seconded.
  2. President sends electronic message to membership calling an electronic membership meeting which has been approved by the board; President states the motion, gives names of board members who moved and seconded the motion, provides brief background explanation for what will be voted on, and requests discussion from members to be directed to the President, who confers with board, if needed, for answers.
  3. President communicates via electronic message to the membership all questions from the membership and all answers, and when 24 hours have elapsed and no further questions or discussion is forthcoming, the President calls for a vote, restating the motion, and making clear what a vote in favor and against will mean. Also, there will be made clear that there will be a 72-hour period during which voting will be held, and that a majority of those voting during that time will determine the outcome.
  4. Voting will make use of a survey tool and votes for and against will be entered by members into that. After 72 hours, the Secretary will record the vote tallies, inform the board of the results, and record the tallies as part of the minutes of the electronic membership meeting.