How to Plan a Workshop at VPS (Note:  Those who plan a workshop, take the workshop for FREE)?

ANY VPS Member can propose and organize workshops! We Encourage and will support VPS members organizing workshops in various locations in the state. If you organize workshop, the cost is free for you.

Workshops could be instructional classes, art business, or other art-related class that the membership would likely attend. Perhaps you have attended a workshop outside of VPS and want the instructor to do a VPS workshop.  Or, perhaps you know other artists that struggle with issues (such as photographing art) and would like to obtain an instructor on that topic for VPS.

The attached checklist may help in the proposal and organization of workshops. If you have questions even before you start, contact Grace Cothalis ([email protected]) or Matthew Peake ([email protected]).  Workshops should be planned several months in advance to get the costs planned in the budget.  However, If that is not possible, check with Grace for options.

Here are the Cliff Notes regarding arranging a workshop.

  1. Contact workshop presenter regarding schedule and costs.
  2. Submit your proposal to Grace Cothalis ([email protected]) Grace will distribute your proposal to the VPS Board. Any VPS sanctioned workshop must be approved by the Board Your proposal must include:
        1. Date
        2. Length of workshop
        3. Topic or general description
        4. Instructor
        5. All Costs
        6. Proposed location

We TRY to get the cost of the workshop paid for by the participants.  With the total of all costs of the workshop, divide them by the number of participants the instructor will accommodate. Make sure you don’t count yourself as a participant as your cost is free.

  1. Once your workshop it approved; work through the VPS Checklist for Workshop Planning.
  2. If workshop is expected to be very popular holding an initial lottery for all interested, currently paid-up VPS members (paid up at the time of the announcement of the workshop) has worked to be the fairest way to register participants. If there are slots open after the initial lottery, then registration is opened up to nonmembers and recent “new’ members. Some people may decide to join to receive the VPS member price even though they can’t be part of the first call lottery.
  3. Providing food/snacks is For example, having coffee/tea and muffins on the first day is a nice idea but really done at the discretion of the organizer.
  4. If you have questions, we can team you up with someone who has organized workshops before.  VPS has a list of members that may be wiIling to help you out.  Grace can provide you that information.


  • VPS will have up to two workshops a year for the most part
  • Every two or three years, we will offer a VPS-subsidized workshop in conjunction with the annual meeting (making that combination a day-long event) on an art business topic, such as photographing your work, marketing, framing. etc.


  • Workshops should break even or even make money, except for the subsidized ones. Workshops have historically been a source of income for VPS, so planning conservatively and advertising for participants are encouraged to generate income.
  • We would like to keep workshop costs low (for example $250 for 2 days), when this is possible. We suggest asking a more token payment ($25?) for the subsidized ones
  • Non-VPS members should be charged $50 more than VPS members