Scholarships are now available for VPS members. Every year VPS will designate an amount to be used for scholarships for VPS sponsored workshops. The money can be given to one person or divided up and given to several, depending upon need and the cost of the workshops. All VPS members, except Board members, are eligible to apply for consideration. Members interested in applying should fill out the form, which is on the website, and include a short paragraph outlining their interest in attending the workshop and how they would benefit from attendance. Applicants must first sign up for and be accepted into, the workshop in question. Applications can be made any time after the workshops are announced, up to two months before the desired workshop begins. All application information is strictly confidential. Scholarships will be awarded by a designated Scholarship Committee, headed by one of the Board-Members-at-Large. Scholarship recipients must wait two years before they may apply again.

Select the below link to access the application.