Artist Statement:

I work in a playful yet sophisticated manner using my artistic process for appreciating the everyday. I express my joy of life with line energy and shape consciousness. I’m a seeker keeping the doors of my eyes open and waiting for the gifts that come from the Giver through the experience of daily life. I translate my findings in drawing, painting, printmaking, words, photography, 3D work, collage, mixed media, and traditional media such as oils and watercolor. Making art is my way of glorying in life and the creator. Oysters make pearls, snails make shells, honeybees make wax, and I make art.

Resume summary:

 Eckles studied printmaking at Bennington College, was an artist in residence at the KALA Institute in Berkeley, California, and received a grant from the Lower Eastside Print Shop. She founded a print-of-the-month-Club; Annie’s Naturals was a member. Eckles taught art in public schools for many years. Her painting, Daylilies, won a prize at the Burlington Vermont Art Hop. Her art has been shown at T.W. Wood Art Gallery, the Vermont State House, the Shayna Gallery, Cheap Art, SPA , Wascownium, and Axels in Vermont, as well as A.D.D. Gallery in New York. Eckles has written three books: My Life as a Flower, A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies: Essays and The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar, a novel.

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Alice Eckles – Still Life with Hourglass and Corn

Alice Eckles – Still Life with Pear