VPS Members Show
Southern Vermont Art Center
Manchester, VT
April 3 – June 3, 2021
Galleries 9 and 10
The Art Center is open Wednesday to Saturday (10 – 4) and Sunday (12 – 4)
closed on Monday and Tuesday

The judge for this show was David Francis. https://www.defrancispastels.com

First Judge’s Award – Kristin Varian

“Mother Nature reclaiming dominance over man made items is a theme that I look for when doing one of my few landscapes each year. The idea that man made things fade and nature reclaims all is very well expressed  in this piece.”

Prize:  Richardson Hand Rolled set of 20 Pastels (Value Dark 2) – Donated by Pastel Painters of Cape Cod.

Second Judge’s Award – Maggie Smith

“This is one of those relaxing, inviting pieces that is nicely handled. The idea of an open gate, like an open door, invites you in to explore and maybe find new adventures.”

Prize:  Richardson Hand Rolled set of 20 Pastels (Value Light) – Donated by Pastel Painters of Cape Cod.

Luminous Landscape  – Carol Naquin
“Very well lit piece, a very real sense of time of day, the directionality of the grasses draws your eyes in to explore the old barns in the background.”
Prize:  Apron – Donated by Terry Ludwig

Reflective Waterscape – Sharon Yorke

“Lighting on the hills in the background contrast beautifully with the storm clouds overhead. The reflections of the land mass in the water are very well done.”

Prize:  Apron – Donated by Terry Ludwig

Lively Still Life – Judy Albright

“Wonderful still life learning, playing and life.The toys, books, and plant are all great metaphors for a time when everything you learned was new and exciting.”

Prize:  Apron – Donated by Terry Ludwig

Figuratively Speaking – Shelli DuBoff

Not what you would normally see selected for a figurative piece, but the figures of the mother and child zebras conveys a real sense of family and is very well done.

Prize:  Apron – Donated by Terry Ludwig


Abstractly Appealing – Marcia Hill

“I enjoyed this piece as both an abstract and a surreal landscape. A lot of movement in the piece intersected by vertical stopping points, a fun piece to look at.”

Prize:  UArt 9 x 12 – 10 pack – Donated by Dakota Pastels

Totally Tonal – Cath Stockbridge

“Really pulled off a believable landscape using large blocks of tonal color. The mix of real versus abstract elements is very well handled.”

Prize:  UArt 9×12 – 10 pack – Donated by Dakota Pastels

Touchingly Textural – Deedee Jones

“Lives up to the award title. My photo does not show the incredibly rich textual element to this piece. I have never tried this myself, but this artist really pulled it off, it enhances the overall look of the painting.”

Prize:  UArt 9×12 – 10 pack – Donated by Adirondack Pastel Society (ADK)

Colorfully Crafted – Matthew Peake

“I did a double take on this piece when I realized it was made up of pieces of pastel, not just marks on paper. I have never seen this done and certainly would not have thought of it on my own.”

Set of 12 Bruynzee Pencils – Donated by ADK Pastel Society

Lovely Lines – Cindy Griffith

“Anyone familiar with my work knows how much I love linework. This one is very well done, the framing around the stained glass is very well handled, and not overly heavy handed. Beautiful interior painting.”

Painting in Pastels Book by Maggie Price – Donated by ADK Pastel Society

Shapely and Edgy – Susan Tucker

“Loved the movement of the water, the bank edges, the whole piece can be broken down from larger shapes to smaller, from hard to soft edges. The sense of moving water is very well done.”

Handell:  Landscape Pastel Book – Donated by ADK Pastel Society

Monday, March 1: Midnight deadline for emailed entries
Sunday, March 28, Monday, March 29, 12 – 4 pm: Drop off accepted work
April 3: Show opening (no reception)
June 3:  Show closing
June 6 & 7:  Pick up artwork and awards @ Southern Vermont Arts Center on Sunday, June 6 from 4 to 6 pm or on Monday June 7th from 10 AM – 4 PM.
The gallery collects a 40% commission from all sold works.  Members are allowed to submit NFS work, but you are highly encouraged to have your work for sale.  The money collected from the sales supports the Southern Vermont Art Center.
Medium:     Pastels
By submitting titles and framed sizes for hanging in this show, artists understand that the Vermont Pastel Society has no insurance for liability available for art in transition to and from the venue and while hanging in the venue. All risk for damage to or loss of artwork at the exhibit as well as during transportation to or from the venue is the responsibility of the artist.
With all of us participating, this VPS show will garner lots of viewer attention at a great venue. Thank you for offering your pastels for exhibition!
Linda Masten
Mark Grasso
Shelli DuBoff
VPS-SW HUB and Co-Chairs of the SVAC Exhibition
If you have questions, please contact Linda: [email protected].