As a result of growing up in Vermont, I’ve become an artist of nature.  It may be landscape, flowers or a child in nature but the subject is usually in nature.  My inspiration comes from the veins and contours of a lady’s slipper, the glistening splashes of sunlight suspended on the surface of a babbling brook, forest shadows and mountain sun.  Capturing special vignettes while being out in nature satisfies to my soul and representing this joy on canvas allows others to sample my those moments.

Through time, I have learned it is very beneficial to start my painting with a value study or some “practices” before the final.   Frequently I start with an underpainting of pastel, watercolor or even oil washes.  Laying out the painting bones with the underpainting helps in the final placement of the medium and also helps to work out composition details, too.

It pleases me to try other subject matter, but in my heart I am a Nature Artist.

This artist can be reached via e-mail: [email protected] or phone: 802-229-4326. Please visit her website:


Cindy Griffith, Pine Brook Bridge, Waitsfield

Cindy Griffith, Pine Brook Bridge, Waitsfield

Cindy Griffith, Warming Log