Maplebrush Studio

The storytelling aspect of a great illustration has always absorbed my creative process: the challenge of a narrative captured in a  single frame; the tiny pause as a storyteller inhales; the snapshot instant that tells it all. This is the challenge that currently influences my work.

Originally trained as a medical illustrator, I’ve spent the beginning of my art career focusing on the precise details that communicate difficult physiological concepts. As a ‘pencil-for-hire’, much of my professional work lies within the published pages of medical journals, textbooks and digital illustrations

Eventually, I transitioned to freelancing and fine art which has opened up my subject matter and artistic direction. Because I grew up around horses, I remain captivated by the paradox of grace and power that horses possess. My latest project is a series on draft horses, inspired by summer contests throughout Vermont.


Marcia Blanco, Work!

Marcia Blanco, Winning Team