While I like art that is at least somewhat representational, I am not all that interested in accurate depiction. Rather, I want to show the spirit and energy – and even occasionally magic – that is present in every aspect of nature. To that end, I often exaggerate movement in a scene, as well as amplifying or even distorting color. I feel that these changes to “reality” better reveal the truth underneath.

My work has been shown at galleries, juried shows, and other venues throughout Vermont, as well as in the corporate offices of PPD, in Wilmington, NC; the corporate offices of Inventiv Health in Princeton, NJ; as well as in Vitalia MedSpa, in Falls Church, VA. My paintings grace homes throughout the United States. I can be reached at: [email protected]. You can see more, or read my blog, at www.marciahillart.com

Marcia Hill, Yin-Yang Landscape

Marcia Hill, For Cathy