VPS Workshop Scholarship Application Form



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Only current members of the Vermont Pastel Society are eligible. Are you a member of the Vermont Pastel Society?  ___ Yes  ___  No

Workshop you are applying for a scholarship for ______________________________________ .

Have you already been accepted into this workshop?  (To be eligible for a scholarship, you must already be registered for the workshop.)  ___ Yes  ___No

Have you received a scholarship from the Vermont Pastel Society before? ___  Yes ___  No (If so, when?)  _____________________

Why do you need a scholarship?


What do you hope to get out of the workshop?


VPS would like you to present highlights from the workshop at your local hub meeting, or at the VPS annual meeting, where those who could not attend the workshop might benefit from your presentation.

Do you agree to give a presentation of highlights from the workshop at a meeting of your local hub or at the VPS annual meeting?    ___  Yes ___No



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Send your completed application to:

Vermont Pastel Society, PO Box 857, Montpelier VT, 05602