While I continue to explore many mediums, my passion is pastels.  They are vibrant, quick, and forgiving…perfect for responding to the shifting shadows, sudden dustings of glistening snow, sparkles on the lakes. They encourage experimentation and growth and are seriously messy.  I love them.

My paintings are often responses to the landscape.  I can paint the same scene a hundred times and they never look the same.  Yes, I love the ever popular and awe inspiring fleeting moments.  I have a huge series in progress called “Rear View Mirror Paintings”, – those flashes of beauty that I pass and can’t stop for and later try to recreate.  Mostly though I do stop. It’s how I paint best.  I happen to live in beautiful Vermont and spend a great deal of time in the Adirondacks at Lake George.  I also travel a lot (well, pre-Covid).  I have no shortage of beauty surrounding me.  My paints (pastels, oils, and watercolors in three different back packs with sunscreen and a hat) are always with me.

I also have discovered that I love to teach, especially pastels.  While circumstances (you all know what I mean) continuously trump my intentions to teach more, I have managed to squeeze a few classes and plan to continue. Please visit my website and feel free to get in touch.


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Wendy Soliday, Snow in the Woods

Wendy Soliday, Tired Dancer