I began my professional career in 1982 as a family physician in rural Vermont. After 24 years, I left my practice of medicine to pursue a full time career in the visual arts and to dance.  Initially, my paintings were realistic renderings of the nude, but my fascination with movement has led me to painting from unusual perspectives and to the composing and displaying of some of my works on a rotational frame (The RoFrame).

After discovering how fascinating it is to look down upon people going about their activities, and watching, like in a kaleidoscope, how patterns form and reform, I began to arrange the human figure in abstract ways–by gestural shape–on a geometric background. In so doing, I uncovered, among other things, how movement assumes the nature of dance, and how the color and the orientation can immensely change the mood or meaning of a painting.

Matthew Peake, Overlook #35 Is That It?

Matthew Peake, Overlook #33 In Concert