Susannah Gravel was born in the small town of Berlin, Vermont. Her father was a “rolling stone” who couldn’t quite settle down in one particular location. She spent much of my childhood traveling all over the US; living in several locations like Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, California and Washington.

When her family moved they always traveled by automobile so Susannah had an extraordinary exposure to different landscapes and scenery. She loved being outdoors as a child and spent a majority of my time hiking mountains, tracking animals, catching frogs and tending to the garden. Her experiences as a child continue to shape the person She is today with a passion and love for the outdoors.

Capturing the human spirit, beauty and form in a painting or drawing has also been a passion of hers. She tries to reach beyond the exterior to capture the subject’s inner dimension. A person’s eyes reflect their soul. She is particularly drawn to poses that reflect an expressive feeling or reflection.

Susannah Gravel

Susannah Colby, Pink Sky at Night

Susannah Gravel, Pink Sky at Night

Susannah Gravel, Fire in the Sky